Heaven Is In the Blood

Heaven is In the Blood

This painting is not what I had planned. Initially, I wanted to capture the feeling of an infinity of stars, all light years apart but compressed into a two dimensional 16” x 20” canvas; a lofty goal, one I could only vaguely approximate, but what good is art if we don’t follow our inspiration? One thing’s for sure, this painting would require a lot of detail.

I usually begin with a basic composition in mind and build from that. My paintings develop as I work, and often evolve in unexpected ways. That’s the case with Heaven is in the Blood. I wanted something celestial but instead I got biological. I painted cells instead of stars flowing across the canvas.

Perhaps I should not have been surprised by the painting. As some of you know I recently was diagnosed with diabetes, quite a surprise for a skinny vegetarian/runner type. I now think about my blood sugar levels more than I ever imagined. Then there’s that all important HA1c level that, at least at the time of my diagnosis, indicated there was a glut of glucose attached to my red blood cells.  Finally, injecting oneself with insulin on daily basis pulled my focus towards the minutiae of physical existence rather than the expanse of the universe.

The title, Heaven is in the Blood, came spontaneously from John Kruth (my More-Than-Husband) when he saw the finished work. I suppose it still retains some of its original celestial intent, and that’s reflected in the reference to heaven. But we both clearly saw cells moving through the canvas and blood immediately came to mind.

Perhaps one might say this painting represents the intersection between human physiology and something more ethereal and otherworldly, and maybe even spiritual. But for some of us it simply represents an intricate series of repetitious patterns that makes the viewer wonder, “Hmm… how long did that take?”

As always, thanks for your interest in my work.

PS… That Bob Dylan post is coming, I promise!